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I don’t mind your past

Just care about you now and then

Even though the whole world telling me I’m crazy

I hope my believe is the right choice!

It’s been a while since my last post…and so are my friends…why you all don’t post anything anymore?

I think I never really posted the photos of my exchange to Korea…so these are some of my photo collections!

This music video is very funny yet fashionable! haha….

Lady Gaga is so funnyyyyyyyy

the time in Korea!

One of the things that I miss very much….the beautiful white cherry blossom

It’s Bali!

I was browsing through the to check out the latest collections…

Fall 2010 RTW already released, but I found some are quite usual (means boring)…I wanted to see sth spectacular…so I browsed the Haute Couture section…and you can see what I got…

This is so marvelous! The unique arrangement of the different color ribbon makes the clothes look young and fresh! Also dreamy though. Probably, the inspiration of this collection is Goddess, not the conventional Greek goddess, but the Goddess of the sea, earth. ‘Coz I found some coral shape ornaments, also some earthy color! Wonderful!

Well, the designer for “Valentino” is Valentino Garavani no more as he already retired, but Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. Even though they cannot give back the original taste of Valentino’s masterpiece, I hope they would still keep the elegance, feminity, and expensive-look of Valentino.

These are some of the photos…I am not bored to browse the whole collection over and over again ^.^

for more photos…check out

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  • meegho: is better ^.^
  • ndut: upload to facebook as well... haha :cheers:
  • meegho: iyo van...banyak yang keren2!! di Korea banyak area gaul anak muda, jadi banyak orang keren...klo di taipei kan hanya di 東區...bahkan skrg anak kec